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Midwife Care


Pregnancy & Birth

Gentle, respectful, family centered care tailored to your specific needs & desires. 

Complete prenatal, postpartum & newborn care included. 



A mother experiences profound physical & emotional changes after childbirth. We continue care during this time, assessing the mother's well being & offering breast feeding support. 



Newborns bring a vast range of emotion, excitement, & responsibility. We help guide you as you learn to care for your new baby. We provide newborn check ups for 6 weeks after delivery. 

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Special Delivery Childbirth Services

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What We Do

  • High Quality, Affordable Care
  • Gentle & Respectful
  • Family Centered, Children Welcome 
  • Personalized Birth Plan
  • Some Insurances Accepted
  • Childbirth Education
  • Complete Prenatal Care
  • Labor Support
  • Delivery in Your Own Home
  • Postpartum Care for Mom & Baby
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Lab Services
  • Labor Tub Rentals
  • Waterbirth Option
  • Well Woman Care Including Pap Smear

What We Don't Do

  • Anything You have not Consented To
  • High Risk Births 
  • Pitocin Induction
  • Routine Episiotomy
  • Routine IV's
  • Forceps or Vacuum Extraction
  • Use Stirrups
  • Give Pain Medications or Epidural
  • Give Newborn Immunizations
  • Circumcision 
  • Separate Mom and Baby
  • Delay Initial Breastfeeding
  • Cut Umbilical Cord Prematurely 
  • Unnecessary Interventions

Meet the Midwife

    Since beginning her midwife practice in 1997, Carol Denny has provided care & education to women & their families. She has attended about 1000 births. She attended her first birth as a student in 1984, 33 years ago. Her observations caused her to become passionate about kind & respectful care to women during this vulnerable time. She became a doula (labor assistant) in 1989. Having her own homebirths after having hospital births, she became convinced of the benefits of homebirth for both mother & baby.
    She is also passionate about caring for women & babies around the world. In 2004 she founded the non-profit corporation Global Health Training. GHT focuses on teaching healthcare with the purpose of improving maternal & neonatal outcomes. She has traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Uganda & India teaching healthcare. 

    Carol has been married for 33 years. She has eight children (that she taught at home), & 13 grandchildren. 

  • Licensed by the State of Arizona 1997 - present
  • Certified Professional Midwife by North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) 1997 - present
  • Qualified Evaluator for NARM
  • Owner of A Special Delivery Childbirth Services & Supplies, LLC, 1996 - present
  • Founder/President of Global Health Training 2004 - present
  • Certified Childbirth Educator 1996 - present
  • Officer, Arizona Association of Midwives, 1997-2004
  • Peer Review Committee, Arizona  Midwives, 1998 - 2017
  • American Red Cross CPR Instructor 1992-1993, American Heart Association CPR Instructor 2005,  Certified in CPR 1984 - present
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Provider  1995 - present
  • Appointed member of the ADHS Licensed Midwifery Advisory Committee 2013 -2017.  
  • Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, March 2015 - present
  • Volunteer Chaplain, September 2014 - present.
  • NARM Bridge Certificate 2016


"Orion  was born posterior at 8:27AM on September 21 st 2012, in the comfort of our home, weighing 7lbs 8oz and was 20 ½ inches long. He looked just like his mommy!! I’m so grateful to God for a safe and quick delivery. I’m also so thankful for my support team. Brandon was, once again the perfect labor and delivery partner. He was calm, encouraging, loving and emotionally present. Carol is hands down, the best midwife out there. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m truly blessed." Bethany

"Standard western medicine definitely serves a great purpose. However, it’s not the end all, be all answer to everything. We have two children who were born in the hospital with an ObGyn. It just simply does not compare with the attention and care received from Carol. From the very first meeting, I felt that my midwife was invested in my pregnancy and delivery. Everything was explained to me and I wasn’t made to feel like a convicted criminal for choosing to opt out of standard tests and procedures."  Cynthia

"The best part of having a home birth was how relaxed and special the experience was for me and my family. There was no pressure to do anything specific or routine. I was free to be anywhere I wanted, however I wanted. The midwives are amazing and created an atmosphere of new life with out disturbing anything. They had everything set up so they never had to leave the room or my side once pushing started. I never felt pressured to labor faster or do anything better. Scott and I were free to do what we wanted and felt was best. I felt completely cared for and cherished as I bring a new baby into the world." Cari

"I had two more daughters at home with Carol and Mary as my midwives. I remember each daughter’s birth with sweet but powerful memories. These women were my friends and confidants. They were the first people to touch my children, even before I did. They gave me the confidence that I could do what women have been doing since the beginning of time. They gave my husband a new perspective on where and how babies should be born into our world. I will never forget these two women; I remember the gift they gave every time I look in my children’s eyes." Kelly

"We are so glad that we chose to have Carol as our midwife in our homebirth. We had a happy, healthy baby that we love more and more each day. We are looking forward to having Carol there for all of our children’s births (God willing!)" Christina

"Carol and Mary were truly a God-send, so calm, patient, and helpful. They made me feel very comfortable during the entire delivery and prior to. I can tell you this...if we had more, I’d have them all at home, and they would be delivered by these amazing women! The entire experience was beautiful, and the memories don’t include impatient doctors wanting to induce, cords and straps keeping you secluded to your bed, and the concern of sickness in the room next door. They even washed my sheets!" Tonya

"The mood that was set was relaxing but I was still apprehensive about the pain. This is where Carol’s experience had a chance to shine. She calmed me, helped me put my energy toward positively furthering my delivery with less stress. It’s amazing what help it is to have someone there in attendance that knows precisely when to squeeze your hand and talk you through it. I quickly progressed from 7cm to 9cm and Carol said I could birth in the tub if I wanted to. I felt like I could just get it over with then without the pressure of repositioning myself on the bed in the other room. The water experience was quite surprising. The water allowed me to work more efficiently with my body." Christi

Why Choose Homebirth?

  • Better outcomes with no unnecessary intervention
  • Education is provided to help prevent avoidable complications
  • Pregnancy is treated as a normal healthy part of life
  • Women have the freedom to make choices about what is happening to them and their babies
  • A more personal relationship with the midwife helps ensure that your midwife has a sound knowledge of your history and needs (continuity of care)
  • Freedom to experience the spiritual and emotional aspects of your birth with people you know instead of strangers
  • Greater rate of satisfaction for everyone involved
  • Family is allowed to actively participate
  • Babies are not separated from their mothers
  • About 5% C-Section rate compared to the national average of 35%
  • Relaxed, peaceful environment
  • Economical

Midwives are trained to recognize and handle complications should they occur.  Should a problem arise the midwife consults with a physician who is on call. If necessary, the woman and/or baby can be transported to a local hospital. However, only about 5% of first time low risk mothers will need hospital attention, while the other 95% will birth successfully at home.  98% of low risk mothers who have birthed vaginally before will birth successfully at home. Midwives are skilled in birth procedures, but what separates them is their personal involvement and caring for their clients. Studies show that women who use midwives as their primary birth attendant have a greater degree of satisfaction with their birth experience.

Some beliefs that midwives commonly share are:

  • Birth is a fundamentally healthy process with many normal variations.
  • Birth is a normal part of life, not an illness.
  • The birth process is best accomplished without interference.
  • The birth experience belongs to the family, not the birth attendant.
  • Knowledge is to be freely shared.  Educating women is an important part of the midwife's role.